1. Anonymous said: Hi there! So I'm an INFP girl and I've recently figured out that I'm very attracted to guys with the ENFP type and I was wondering if you could tell me more about a relationship between an INFP and ENFP, how it would work etc. Thanks so much. I love your blog by the way. ♥

    Thank you dear! An ENFP and INFP actually make an adorable couple am I’m doing a post on top 5 mbti types INFPs are attracted to and ENFP is on there ;) Both INFP and ENFP have the same cognitive functions, but while ours are Fi, Ne, Si, and Te, theirs are Ne, Fi, Te, Si. So they are going to be more spontaneous, creative and logical than we are while we are more sentimental and have a stronger value system.
    ENFP’s bring INFPs out of their shells and bring out the best in them while INFPs fascinate the quirky ENFPs.
    Both of them are introverted feelers so it is especially important to keep your communication open and trust each other.
    When INFPs do into one of their melancholy, reflective Si/Fi moods, ENFP’s always cheer them up with their infectious happiness. ENFP will help INFP be a little more logical, open up and use Ne more often while INFP will make ENFP gauge out their most important personal values, inspire them and both will be amazing friends to each other.
    - your infp princess x


  2. ithefantasticfanatic said: What is the school stereotype for each group. Like the nerd, jockm anime kid, debate and student council club leader (I wonder ho that will be ;). Things like that



    This practically writes itself.

    XSTJ: apple-polishing Teacher’s Pet.

    XSFJ: organizer of every fundraiser and social club known to man.

    XNTJ: student council present / debate team leader.

    XNFJ: members of the mystic society and trend-starters.

    XSTPs: jocks, slackers, and troublemakers.

    XSFP: cheerleaders and Mean Girls.

    XNTPs: messy-haired Star Trek-loving nerds.

    XNFPs: emo kids in the poet society and the save the whales club.


  3. annisterli said: So I just found out I am an INFP. I always waffled between INFJ and an INFP but I was never certain. Apparently this is a super common mistype? I never had doubts about the I, N, or F but the J/P threw me off, and the fact that I didn't know the functions well. But now that I understand MB better and I've found my type, so to speak, it just feels so right. It's a tad scary how accurate things are for me in INFP-land. It makes me sad I can't meet more INFPs in real life, but yay for tumblr! :D

    INFJ  and INFP are actually NOT a common mistype if you look into the cognitive functions but if you’re trying to base your type from just the letters, then yeah it can get pretty confusing. 

    Hello there, new fellow infp! Welcome to being a strange, emotional, procrastinating mess! We hope you love it (or learn to)!

    - Your infp princess xx


  4. childofthelonelyheavens said: I think hugging was invented so we could take out our loneliness on people in non-violent ways

    I agree! Reasons I love hugging:
    - releases oxytocin which is your body’s anti-depressant fluffy gooey melting hormone.
    - warmth
    - you can smell people without being creepy
    - feeling safe
    - lifts your serotonin levels = more happiness 
    - …I’M AN INFP.. (Disclaimer: not all infps love hugs obv)

    I LOVE HUGS!! SO…c’mere..

    - Your infp princess


  5. Order Functions of an INFP


  6. urlsdontgetbetterthanthis said: I just found your blog, and I'm so glad I did. It's amazing :) Infps ftw!

    I’m  glad that you found my blog too, friend! I hope I can keep you adequately entertained and satisfied ma’am!
    - INFP Princess


  7. Anonymous said: Perks was probably the best/worst book I've read in terms of relating to it. Not just because I saw my self in Charlie at his best and worst but because that is exactly how I wanted high school to be. They were like me. I found my people, my tribe in then. And I thought I could do that in school. But I didn't. So far high school is super boring. No one is stimulating, I'm not amazed at how cool they are. They don't care, they are so high school. I know I shouldn't think this but I do n it hurts

    Sweet Pea, I understand you but I can’t relate to you because no matter what environment you are in and who you are surrounded by, it is up to YOU to decide whether you are bored or intrigued and assuming you are an infp, you should try to befriend people and tap into their core where they are as themselves as they can be and you know what? That core is NEVER boring, it is always, ALWAYS beautiful and worthy of love and coolness. Call me a hopeless, foolish optimist if you must!

    If you want to have an amazing high school experience you have to open yourself up to that. You have to look past the “I’m normal and boring” facades that a lot of people have ESPECIALLY IN HIGH SCHOOL and if you have a negative closed off attitude you cannot be simulated by anything or anyone! Adventure is out there, but you have to open your heart and face it with patience!

    Love and hopes for adventure,
    - Your INFP Princess 


  8. shiyaxyuri said: I just found your blog and it's awesome and you're awesome too and you're the true princess! And keep it up because you're doing awesome stuff and all this work and hell yeah you're awesome have a nice day \(*w*)/

    This is such a sweet message and this person is now my favouritest person ever. And I feel so bad because you said “all this work” and I have been doing nothing for the past week and more because SCHOOL EW. I’m so sorry if I haven’t replied to your message I will try to do all of them today but I also don’t want to be that blog that floods your dashboards with asks so I try to evenly distribute them. I love every single one of my followers and I hope you guys realize just how much I adore you. You guys give me hope that people can like an awkward cactus like me. 

    - Your (awkward cactus) INFP Princess


  9. Anonymous said: Ayyyyyyy, I'm an INFP here and I saw one of your answers to a question in the suggested blog tumblr thing and I was legitimately creeped out with how much I related to everything you said there. Who would've thought many of my personality quirks and tendencies could be stamped out and explained in four letters? Anyhoo, I think your blog is sweet and thought I'd tell you. Byeeeee

    I’m glad I could creep you out honey :’D
    Thank you so much for your thoughtful message love! I love youuuuu

    - INFP Princess :) x