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    Conventional and organised.



    Conservative and warm.



    Calm but colorful.



    Discreet and methodical.



    Stable but daring.



    Complacent and creative.



    Sensitive and spiritual.



    Ingenious but scattered.


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  2. Anonymous said: my question is very big, it crossed the word limit and i dont use tumblr very much. help

    Awww honey :( you can either send it as fan mail (that doesn’t have a word limit) or send it in a few parts of ask but say 1 of 3, 2 of 3 etc.
    - baby infp princess (I have been a baby for the past few days)

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  4. thestarsinmycupofcoffee:

    Being an infp means we are an equal blend of fire and water. At first people only think that we bring with us the sensitivity of the ocean, its emotional depth. They do not notice the fire that fast though. They do not see our passion and quirky charm, they don’t see our courage because it hides…


  5. thestarsinmycupofcoffee:

    Healers might well feel a sense of separation because of their often misunderstood childhood. Healers live a fantasy-filled childhood-they are the prince or princess of fairy tales-an attitude which, sadly, is frowned upon, or even punished, by many parents. With parents who want them to get their…


  6. funkymbtifiction:

    Introverted Feeling (Fi): Kathleen strives to live life filled with importance. She wants to personalize everything, from her interaction with her customers to the significance of her store. It’s even important to her that she have a last name, because it is a “part of her identity” (just…


  7. Anonymous said: How old are you?

    Why do you seek this information?
    What is your purpose?
    Why do you ask, oh mysterious one with a rounded grey face and sunglasses?

    - heehee ;) x


  8. Anonymous said: My INFP friend is easily influenced. I wonder, is that an INFP thing?

    Well, it depends dear. We hold some principles so close and tightly that no one and nothing can ever sway how we feel or think about them but with some things we are indecisive and ambivalent and anyone’s opinion will effect the way we perceive that. For example if someone is homophobic and tries to impose their opinions on me I will get fired up because I strongly believe that everyone should be able to love whoever the hell they want and that belief is so deeply embedded in me that nothing can change the way I look at it but on the other hand if I find a particular character evil in a book or dislike an artist for some reason and someone makes me see them in a different light, my perception and opinion of that will be fluidly changed. 

    - infp princess


  9. Anonymous said: What do you think about a friendship of INTJ x INFP (: ?

    Great (like every friendship)! Intj’s relief function is Fi which is infp’s dominant one so they will feel really comfortable around you and you will have some sort of soothing effect on them and their dominant function, Ni, will make them great advice givers and prevent you from acting impulsively because of your feelings and regretting it later. INTJ is productive, rational and efficient while an INFP procrastinates, is imaginative and creative so you balance each other out pretty well while also sharing your intuitive capacities :) It’s basically the frienship between a mastermind and a dreamer- you have ideas and they know how to accomplish them.

    - your infp princess


  10. Anonymous said: Hi! I love your blog! And I wanted to know if you can help me with this... so, I'm an INFP, and I think I like a guy who is my friend and also an INFP(or so it seems, because I was able to make him do the test lol). I just want to know how INFP guys are, how do they react and how to know if he likes me back? Because I'm really insecure with looks and stuff, and I have no idea when someone likes me or not...even as a friend. Also, does INFP with INFP work? How would be an INFP couple? Thanks :)

    Thank you bby! INFP GUYS HELP ME WITH THIS ONE ^ Most infp guys are  shy and you should probably initiate something if you want to know how someone feels about you. I am usually oblivious to whether someone likes me or not too so maybe its an infp thing :3 But from my preteen days I’ve accumulated knowledge from youtube videos and scholarly articles (jokes :D) on “signs that a guy likes you” XD and they seem to all have these in common- he teases you, finds ways to touch you, is inquisitive and caring towards you, gets jealous, blablabla but of course if the guy is anything like an infp girl he will probably be really awkward around you or mask his feelings up almost flawlessly (an infp curse or a gift? *sighs*).
    As for infp x infp, I wrote a post on that- http://thestarsinmycupofcoffee.tumblr.com/post/90630624640/infp-x-infp

    - Your infp princess xx